Junk Telephone Calls

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Junk Telephone Calls

If you have ever used a toll-free or premium rate number, your telephone number may have been recorded for future junk telephone calls and marketing purposes.

Even when you call a business on their local telephone number, your phone number may be recorded. Often, your number will often be sold to third parties as well. Caller ID does not prevent them seeing your details as this only works with other residential phones. This is because commercial systems use Automatic Number IS (ANI) and is approved by the FCC as a legitimate business screening process.

As ANI is not regulated, businesses are not obligated to inform that their numbers are being collected and recorded. The moment you initiate the call, you are classified as a business prospect and available to be pitched by them and whoever else they sell the number to! It doesn’t even matter that you registered your number on the do not call list (telephone preference service).

So how do you prevent this from happening? Well there are three main ways:

When you call any business, let them know that you don’t want the information given to any third party. You can also tell them to strike you from their future contact list. Depending on the member of staff you’re dealing with, this request may be ignored and could lead to even more irritating future junk calls.

Avoid those premium rate numbers. Firstly they can be expensive and poor value but secondly they charge you extortionate rates then sell on your information!

You can use a second line to separate outgoing-only business calls from private calls. Get your phone company to bill you for both together but not to list your home number. The extra line gains you valuable privacy and prevents those ‘amazing one-time only discounts’ calls while you’re away at the office!

Now you should be free of junk telephone calls.

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Junk Telephone Calls

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This article was published on 2006/04/24