How to Conduct the Perfect Telephone Enquiry

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For many businesses the telephone is the life blood of their operation and incoming calls must be treated with respect. The best receptionists will never forget the telephone calls are from individuals and each one of them received is a potential customer. Here are some of the key elements in speaking with a potential customer over the telephone.

1. Always ensure you answer the call promptly, never allowing the telephone to ring more than four times.

2. Promoter a helpful and friendly manner and speak clearly the name of the company you are working for. Make a mental note to record and store the caller's name to enable you to use it during the conversation.

3. Always smile when you pick up the telephone. Smiling whilst talking helps to promote a happy and helpful demeanour.

4. Listen carefully. There is nothing worse for the caller then being given the impression you are distracted and not interested in conversation.

5. Showing enthusiasm.  Be sure you ask the caller if there is anything else you can help with. Enthusiasm is highly infectious and will provide a beneficial outlook to the caller.

6. Leave a lasting impression. Remember, the caller is calling your company and therefore, you are that company. Remember to relay back to the caller any significant issues discussed and thank them for their time not forgetting to utilise their name.

It is very important that any messages written or via e-mail are recorded accurately and dealt with promptly. When recording the message ensure that you clearly state who the message is for, who it is from, a telephone number where the caller may be contacted, the time and date of the message and the actual message itself. Also remember to record whether or not the caller requires the call to be returned or will call again. Ensure you clearly document your own name upon the message encase there are any follow-up queries.

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How to Conduct the Perfect Telephone Enquiry

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This article was published on 2010/03/26