Avaya Telephone Systems For Small Businesses

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It is often said that 'size isn't everything'. In the world of business, however, this saying is often false, as size, and more importantly scale, is often the determining factor in the success or failure of a business in a particular industry. The reason for this is simple economics. When a business is larger, it is able to achieve lower costs, through a phenomenon known as 'economies of scale'. A larger business produces goods in larger quantities, thus it is able to obtain materials at a lower cost per unit of material, translating into a lower cost of production per item, and thus a greater margin of profit as compared to smaller businesses that must sell that product at the same price but which pay more to produce the same product. These businesses are simply unable to justify the expense of installing expensive systems that would not pay back that expense in the form of higher profits or greater savings. With AVAYA telephone systems, however, all that has changed, and smaller businesses now have an affordable option when it comes to office telephones.

Previously, because only larger companies were able to afford the expense of installing office telephone systems, the companies that manufactured such systems did not even bother to design systems appropriate for smaller companies. Instead, they devoted their energies to designing large and expensive telephone systems for bigger companies, as that was where the money was. As a result, smaller companies had to get by with alternative means of achieving connectivity within the office. For small-scale businesses, this usually meant simply registering for as many phone lines as there were employees who needed them. Each employee would then have an office phone of sorts, albeit with a number that was completely different from that of his colleague sitting next to him. While this served the purposes of communication well enough, having a multitude of different numbers that customers might call does not reflect well on a business, and makes it appear as if the business lacks enough professionalism to set up an office telephone system with different extension numbers for different employees.

In actual fact, such office telephone systems are not complicated or complex, and it was only by reason of phone system manufacturers not being bothered with smaller businesses that no office telephone systems were manufactured that could be installed and operated on a small scale. With AVAYA telephone systems, however, the situation is no longer the same. AVAYA telephone systems have been manufactured specifically for small companies and businesses which do not have the resources to purchase and install the more expensive phone systems. AVAYA telephone systems have been scaled down so that they are both affordable and suitable for application in small businesses, where they are able to bring a great many benefits to the business in terms of increasing productivity and efficiency within the workplace.

One of the main advantages that AVAYA telephone systems bring to small businesses is the ability to program and assign separate extension numbers for each individual who requires an office telephone. This way, the business is able to present a professional front to customers, with an identical main line but different extension numbers to dial in order to reach different departments within the business. This might seem like mere vanity on the part of a business owner, but the way in which customers perceive a business is extremely important, as it affects the level of trust that they repose in that business. A customer who perceives a business as being of a professional nature will be much more willing to consider the services or products being offered by the company and will also experience greater peace of mind throughout the purchasing and payment process of any transaction.

Of course, the internal organization of a company also benefits from the integration of an office telephone system, with superiors having direct and convenient phone lines to subordinates. This helps to streamline the operations of a company, facilitating better workflow and increasing the productivity of each individual employee and therefore of the company as a whole. While the expense of purchasing and installing an office telephone system is not small, with AVAYA telephone systems, you are able to keep that expense to a minimum while gaining the maximum advantage that having such a telephone system has to offer a small company or business.
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For smaller companies that are unable to afford office Telephone Systems from larger manufacturers, the AVAYA Telephone Systems offered by Staveley Communications are the perfect way to provide for better connectivity within the office while keeping costs and overheads at a minimum!

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Avaya Telephone Systems For Small Businesses

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This article was published on 2011/04/02